Hear What Our Patients Have to Say About Our Gastroenterology Care

William M Bauer, MD

Overall Satisfaction: 4.6 / 5

Great group of Doctors and staff

The providers are great

Again Dr Bauer could not do mutch better,and he is smart but not pushy.lot Drs think there better humans, Dr Bauer comes across as smart and caring concerned .

He is the best. He is the first person that I have felt has never made me feel like this was all in my head like I was a hypochondriac he took my concerns at heart and I have had multiple testing to try to get answers as to what is going on and I do not believe I am done yet. If he is unable to find the answer, he recommends a specialist for me to go to to try to further find answers. I love him to death for his care that he gives his patients he is top notch.

Dr. Bauer is one of the best doctors I've come in contact with. Very professional and thoughtful - he provides in depth but clear explanations and has an honest and authentic level of concern. I wish other doctors were like him

Very detailed and informative conversation

I liked his plan of care outlined at my visit. But after tests were neg, he ordered a rx. Instead of plan,

John M Coombes, MD

Overall Satisfaction: 4.8 / 5

Dr Coombs was well informed before even starting my appointment. He knew my complete 15 yr GI history and had committed it to memory. Dr Coombs informed me of all of the benefits and possible complications of these procedures, but left the final decision completely up to me . I felt very much a part of my own healthcare after my first appointment.

I saw Dr Coombs and he explained the reason for the follow up visit, addressed questions and concerns and even asked about another issue I was having and how things were going in that area as well

Brittany Smith, NP

Overall Satisfaction: 4.7 / 5

Through and through, everyone involved was great

Doctor was on time and sit and talk to us.

It seems now that I'm older and have a different Insurance more tests are being done than when I was younger and couldn't afford to pay for them

She is absolutely the best , she went above and beyond with my care !!!

Professional and pleasant

Had very positive experience with care when going in for colooscopy

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable Brittany was. She is very sharp. Very perceptive.

Ovais Ahmed, MD

Overall Satisfaction: 4.8 / 5

Dr. Ahmed is very knowledgeable, kind, caring and overall a wonderful physician assisting me in my care...thank you!

I do not like going to any doctor, however going to Dr. Ahmed is always(sic) a pleasure

This provider was very pleasant and professional explaining in detail what to expect.

Dr. Ahmed spent time listening & discussing my treatment options.

Still good experience

I like my Dr he is so easy to talk to.I feel very comfortable with him, and I can't say that about all my Doctors.I have had stomach problems for years and when I started to see this new Dr he found a medication that has worked so well for me.I'm so grateful to him I actually don't get sick to my stomach every time I eat any more.

Dr Ahmed put me at ease and was informative.

I feel very fortunate that Dr. Ahmed has taken over for the care of my rare disease. I was understandably concerned when Dr. Fritz left, but have found Dr. Ahmed to be extremely helpful and supportive in my quest to keep this chronic disease controlled. While I trust his professional opinion, he's also very receptive to any concerns and questions that I have.

Really, no BS; great by all involved.

Kevin J Herlihy, MD

Overall Satisfaction: 4.9 / 5

Went out of his way

Very thorough and professional

As always Dr Herlihy was very thorough and absolute pleasure to have a discussion with

Dr herlihy is a great dr

I recommend GI associates to anyone who requests a GI group.

I have never met a Dr that had been as explains everything in so much detail .

They acted in a very professional manner

Dr Herlihy is and always has been a pleasure to work with. He is always kind, thorough and caring.

I am very confident in Dr. Herlihy's ability to treat my medical conditions.

Only problem I have I called the office 2 months ago and told dr Herlihy nurse that my Primary doctor wanted me to talk to Dr Herlihy about another scoped done on my throat never heard back from anyone!!

Michael P Chase, MD

Overall Satisfaction: 4.6 / 5

Dr chase was a very nice man and maybe some day we will meet in your office

I wanted an in person visit with MD. Due to a scheduling way out ended up having a phone visit with MD.

This visit with Dr. Chase was outstanding. He spent the necessary time explaining to my wife and I my medical problem and included us in his decision on the best course of action. As a result of his clear communication, we were able to completely comprehend all the issues and treatment effecting me. As a side note, after dealing with a serious chronic condition for many years Dr. Chase's experience and expertise has gotten me to feel the best I've ever been.

Dr. Chase was very clear and helpful with explaining the results of the exam.

He came highly recommended by my provider and I connected well with him.

Dr. Chase is very good, He explained everything that may cause my medical problems. Doctor is ensuring that he will find what my issues are, very thorough and I have confident that Dr. Chase will help me. Doctor is professional and has a good bedside manner. I feel very lucky to have Dr. Chase as my Gastro Dr..

Definitely will recommend

Dr Chase is the best!

Dr Chase was easy going, calm demeanor when explaining scary stuff, appreciative of my knowledge of procedures etc due to my having worked in the medical field.

General Reviews

Dr. Coombes was very efficient and professional during and after my procedure. He diagnosed my problem and had me on medication very quickly.

- John T.Provider: John M. Coombes, M.D.

I was completely impressed beginning to end. My first appointment with Dr. Bauer gave me hope that I could possibly be healed.

- Peg T.Provider: William M. Bauer, M.D.

Dr. Chase spent time thoroughly explaining the procedure to my wife and me and offered time to answer any questions. I would recommend Dr. Chase enthusiastically to anyone seeking a well qualified caring physician.

- William B.Provider: Michael P. Chase, M.D.

I cannot say enough about how Dr. Herlihy has changed my life. I had no idea how sick I was when I first started seeing him in 1994. With his care and guidance, I am happy to say I feel great today.

- Jason K.Provider: Kevin J. Herlihy, M.D.

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